Give us This Day Our Daily Bread

Americans love self-sufficiency!  The concept of “rugged individualism” made        America what it is today, in part.  No one disputes the value of being able to take    care of oneself…to shoulder one’s own burdens and to make one’s own way in the world.  In fact, part of the problem in our country is the idea that someone else owes me and should pay my way.  However, the idea that I am the “master of my fate and the captain of my soul” (see the poem: Invictus) can be taken too far.  Nebuchadnezzar lost his mind for a while and came under the judgment of God because he looked over his city, Babylon, and gave himself the credit for what he saw.  When we realize…really realize…that we came into the world with nothing and we will leave with nothing AND that in the meantime, God supplies and we are recipients of His grace and goodness each day, we will develop the correct mindset which says to God: “I depend on you and I am grateful for your care.”


Monday…consider the idea of the “self-made man”.  Who can really say this?  Is there such a being in all of the world–a truly, totally self made individual?  Think how each person in the world is dependent upon many different people throughout the course of a single day.  The people who made the cars we drive remind us just how we need the God given gifts of others during the course of each day. 


Tuesday…A good time to pray (not the only time throughout the day) is before      each meal.  When we remember that fully one-third of the world (more then             2 billion people) goes hungry each day, things are put into perspective as to how we ought to be grateful.  The story of God providing His children with manna, quail and water during the Exodus is good to reflect on as we consider God’s care and our needs.


Wednesday…some time ago, I challenged some of my grandchildren to consider carefully what they were eating for supper.  We had meat, a starch, vegetables and a dessert.  We thought of God sending the sun, the rain, the miracle of the soil and seed, the life of the animal (beef), those who grew, packaged, transported and sold our food.  We saw the hand of God at each step and then thanked Him for our food.


Thursday…It is humbling to ask someone to do for us.  Most people would rather be a helper than ask for help.  God wants us to humbly come to Him and ask for what we need.  “Lord, please give us…” is difficult for the proud person to say and comprehend.


Friday…bread was (and is) a staple throughout the world.  I love it that Jesus          described Himself as the “bread which came down from Heaven.”  God supplies      our physical needs.  We can easily overlook this, but we should not do so.  In a land  of plenty, like America, it is easy to forget.  It is also easy to forget that Jesus, the “bread” from Heaven, supplies our spiritual needs, too.  Those who choose to “go it alone” and rely on self are missing out and will have to give an account