Covid-19-July 27 updates

updates: July 29, 2020

A word from Brian Clark. . . .
Last week Gov. Holcomb signed an order which essentially requires people to wear a face covering when not at home.  The order also outlines several exemptions. Those attending religious services are exempt from wearing a mask assuming they can maintain social distance. I am thankful that Gov. Holcomb has not used his emergency powers to limit the freedom of churches to meet, as unfortunately, other states have made it very difficult for their churches to meet during the pandemic. While I pray that Indiana does not follow suit, I also don’t want Fair Haven to be part of the reason greater restrictions are enforced. I feel confident that we are abiding by the spirit of the executive order as long as we make an intentional effort to keep social distance while worshiping. I would encourage you to consider wearing a mask if maintaining social distance is problematic. Currently, our 8:30a and 11a services have plenty of space to maintain social distance in the worship center. The 9:45a service is the largest attended, and therefore the most difficult to maintain the social distancing expectations. If you attend the 9:45 service and have the flexibility and willingness to shift to 8:30 or 11, it would be a great help. Masks will continue to be required at the 8:30a service, and I encourage anyone who feels more comfortable in a masked environment to attend that service. Masks are recommended at the 9:45a and 11a services if social distancing is not able to be maintained.

Children’s and Student Ministries will begin meeting August 2nd and will base their guidelines on those used by the schools. Children in 2nd grade and above as well as all teachers, will wear a face covering while social distancing is not possible.

The mask has become the most controversial part of COVID-10. Each of us has our convictions regarding the use of masks. The requirements for masks bump into politics, faith, liberty, comfort, and medicine.  While we all have a slightly different take on masks ad COVID, I hope we can all agree on this—what happens at Fair Haven each week is special. The fellowship of believers united together under God is to be cherished and protected. Know this, Satan will use any and every opportunity to harm the church. Let’s not let that happen. When we are committed to patiently walking the road of this pandemic together, we honor God by preserving the unity of the church he loves so much!