special needs

Our Mission:

It is our hope to teach children that they are deeply loved by Jesus!  We strive to provide a safe, engaging, and fun atmosphere where children and families are equipped to grow in Christ.

Our Programs:

Special Needs Classroom: The Special Needs Classroom is offered every Sunday Morning during the 9:45 (2nd) service and is located in the Children’s Ministry. If you are visiting for the first time and would like to check in quickly,  you can create a free kidcheck account at go.kidcheck.com. You will also be able to fill out a child information sheet when you check your child into our Buddy Room. This form will help us get to know your child and know the best way to help your child be comfortable, have fun, and get to know Jesus!
Buddy Pairing: We offer Buddy Pairing for students who would like to be paired with a volunteer in our classrooms.

We want to get to know your child better! We invite you to fill out our Special Needs Information Sheet and bring it with you Sunday!
Information Sheet

For more information or questions:
Special Needs Ministry Director Kristina Watkins :krisruss@hotmail.com or 317-502-3756
Children’s Minister Abi Beaty: abeaty@fairhavencc.org or 317-878-4670

Meet our Special Needs Ministry Director!