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Dale Holzbauer

7th Degree Black Belt with over 38 years of experience in the sport.

Mature adults circuit training emphasis: fitness and self-defense (mature adults will be able to do this...we will start slowly)

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Fair Haven MMA

Information about Fall Classes:

Fair Haven Christian Church is offering several mixed martial arts classes this Fall. Classes will be age-graded and gender ap-propriate. New students are welcome and will be signed up for a Yellow Belt class which will require 17 class hours and 15 additional hours of workout time (on your own).  These classes are true mixed martial arts classes and will combine muay thai, Ameri-can boxing, jiu jitsu, and traditional karate (Okinawan Shorin-Ryu). Parents are welcome at all classes, but their attendance is not mandatory. Classes will be offered for those who are in 2nd grade and up.

Please register at the church on either August 20 or 22 from 4-6p.

Please contact Dale Holzbauer at for additional information or if you need to sign up at another time. All classes are taught by experienced Black Belts. Classes will begin September 5 and will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings 4-5p. and 5-6p. We will divide students into appropriate classes when all registrations are in.

Classes will begin Wednesday, September 5 and end Monday, November 19.

Cost will be $50 for the Yellow Belt and will include 22 classes (students must attend at least 17 to qualify for the test/belt), a certificate and a Yellow Belt.

The only thing students will need to purchase will be a set of bag gloves which will cost around $20. These are very good quality gloves which will last many years.  Similar instruction at area martial arts schools costs at least $325 and does not include the promotion.

  • Ladies and girls, we have excellent female instructors who will emphasize self-defense tactics for your classes.
  • Men and boys, we have grappling and striking instructors who will challenge you and encourage you.
  • For children: we have good people who love kids and who will show proper respect and patience with the children.

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What We Offer

Fair Haven offers a full schedule of martial arts/ karate classes. Read the following material carefully and decide which class description fits your needs. All classes are values based and are family-friendly. Our values derive from our Christian beliefs. The purpose of the Fair Haven Martial Arts class is to promote:

¨ Fellowship
¨ Physical Fitness
¨ Obtain a knowledge of the martial arts
¨ Cultivate a desire to imitate Christ

Class Information

  • Mature adults circuit training emphasis: fitness and self-defense (mature adults will be able to do this…we will start slowly)
  • Fighting skills (grappling, boxing, kicking, etc., )
  • Fundamental martial arts: emphasis: fighting skills, tournament skills, self-defense (age 6-adult)
  • Ladies and older girls aerobic circuit training emphasis: fitness and martial arts

Resource Links

For links to class materials, click here.

Requirements For Yellow Belt
Beginning Elbows, Knees

Registration is Wednesday August 20 & 22, 4-6p New Classes begins Wednesday, September 5 22 Sessions (One Hour classes) Download our Brochure for more information