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The timing of “Let’s Go!” is perfect. Ministry in our church is so fruitful and we are seeing blessings abounding everywhere. We have many people visiting and attending our church and we want to give them opportunities to grow and be vested in the vision and ministry of the church. For Fair Haven to be all God intended, we must be as Christ declared Himself…a servant to others. It is so important that we embrace the strategic plan of our church together so we can reach our community for Christ. Embracing the strategic plan means that each of us surrenders our time, talent and treasure to the fulfillment of that plan through our church. As we serve we will grow in our relationship with Christ. While we might overlook areas of our facility that need updating and improvement, those are often what guests notice first. The Apostle Paul said that he had become all things to all people in order that he might be able to reach them for Christ. By doing necessary improvements and updates to our church building, we operate in the same motivation as Paul in that we would want our property to be attractive to those who visit. No one wants to owe money, yet sometimes it is necessary that a church incur a responsible amount of debt in order to have the necessary capital to enhance ministry. Thus, debt is incurred because reaching people and growing them in Christ matters. A responsible church does everything it can to pay off that debt as soon as reasonably possible. All money released from debt service, can be reinvested back into the ministries of our church. As we incurred debt because people matter…we will reduce debt and reinvest those funds back into ministry because people matter. Now is the perfect time for us to work together to help transform lives for Christ. Let’s Go!



In God’s eyes our growth in generosity is less about a financial transaction and more about transformation spiritually. Generosity is truly a matter of the heart. Where are you on the scale and what would it take for you to move to the next level in your generosity?

Generosity Matters and Makes a Difference

Nearly every day, we make finacial decisions. Some are small such as, “Should we get a cup of coffee at SpeedWay or splurge for a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks?” Others are big like, “Which house, which car, or which college should I choose?” Still some concern the future such as, “How much we should spend on Christmas, or which reitirement funds should I choose?” Probably the most challenging decision we make with money is the decision to give. Giving creates tension. We wonder, “If I give this away, how will the gap be filled?” That’s why giving is such a big deal! Nothing invites God into our lives like giving. Giving is a tnagible way we declare our trust in and commit to God. Giving often paves the way for God to show up in our lives in a powerful way. Giving is not just a financial decision. It is a deeply spiritual decision. Our prayer as your join together in this “Let’s Go!” inativie is that you grow in your faith and expeirience the power of God in your life as you seek Him and His kingdom through generous giving.

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